PLEASE READ: This site was set-up so that family and friends can look and download photos from years past. It is not a commercial site.

The "A Portfolio" gallery contains photos that I show folks when they are looking to have portraits done. You will see individuals, pairs, family and special order portraits.

IF YOU DOWNLOAD PHOTOS FROM HERE, PLEASE INCLUDE THE PROPER CREDIT/OWNERSHIP OF THE PHOTO. Please keep in mind that all photos are the property of the photographer and are protected under the copyright law. Follow the link:

Some of the early photos are not quite in focus - come to think of it, some of the later ones aren't either - the only excuse I have is that I wasn't seeing straight - and in the case of some of the team photos that I am in, the person actually taking the picture wasn't seeing straight either. So, it is not you - it is the photographer that is out of focus.

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS - I'd love to hear from others concerning the photos - even if you didn't like them, let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you know someone in them, let me know. Thanks - and enjoy.