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This is me at 12. And yes, they DID have cameras back then. Why not an updated photo? Because no one wants to see what I look like. ; )

This site was set-up so that family and friends can look and download photos from years past. It is not a commercial site.

The "A Portfolio" gallery contains photos that I show folks when they are looking to have portraits done. You will see individuals, pairs, family and special order portraits.

Some of the early photos are not quite in focus - come to think of it, some of the later ones aren't either - the only excuse I have is that I wasn't seeing straight - and in the case of some of the team photos that I am in, the person actually taking the picture wasn't seeing straight either. So, it is not you - it is the photographer that is out of focus.

PLEASE LEAVE COMMENTS - I'd love to hear from others concerning the photos - even if you didn't like them, let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome. If you know someone in them, let me know. Thanks - and enjoy.